Just published: a report on how to embark on CICERONE’s empirical research

The CICERONE team has published a third report. Building upon the previous reports (click here to find these) that applied the Global Production Network perspective to the cultural and creative industries and which proposed strategies to overcome anticipated data collection gaps by doing empirical research, this new report sets out how to embark on this empirical research, which is to take place in the next phase of the project (August 2019 – July 2021).

The report is composed of 5 sections. In the first section, it deals with the cultural production system and how the production cycle can be carved up in five distinct stages that fit in with the GPN approach. It then dissect the GPN approach more in detail by focusing on its crucial components (section 2). This section disentangles the role of governance and looks at embeddedness – the notion that all economic activities take place within concrete socio-cultural and institutional contexts. The main object of study in the CICERONE project, the cultural and creative industries, are characterised by a relatively high level of heterogenity. Researching these industries, therefore, implies taking this heterogenity into account. In order to transform the Global Production Network from a heuristic framework into an analytical tool, one needs to consider and operationalize its key dimensions. Therefore, section 3 identifies the key dimensions of variety both between and within the cultural and creative industries, so that the cases can be positioned. In what follows, the report presents a methodological framework for conducting a series of sectoral cases studies that allow for cross-sector and cross-location comparisons at the EU level (section 4). In the 5th and final section, the authors formulated the overarching research questions that each of the selected case will need to address.

Click below to download the report “Format case-study selection”:

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