First report: “Creative and Cultural Industries and Global Production Network approaches so far”

CICERONE has published a report that provides a focused review of the literature on cultural and creative industries since the 1990s, presents the main components of the Global Production Network (GPN) approach and then applies this analytical framework to the cultural and creative industries. Prepared by Robert C. Kloosterman, Andy Pratt, Marianna d’Ovidio, Lidia Greco and Thomas Borén, the report “Creative and Cultural Industries and GPN approaches so far” stresses the need to adapt the GPN approach, as cultural and creative industries are only partly goods-producing activities. What are the exact implications of applying a GPN approach to cultural and creative industries? How can a GPN approach be adapted to enable it to deal with activities whose products in many cases are either services (e.g. performances) or products in digital form (e.g. recorded music, games)?

The full report can be viewed and downloaded here:

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